Leah was diagnosed with Secondarily Generalized Tonic-Clonic (GTC) seizures, shortly after her 6th birthday in November of 2014. Leah had an MRI done, the results showed a 3mm mass in the frontal left side of her brain. The medical providers immediately put Leah on 4 different medication, each one having a less than pleasant side effect. Shortly after starting the medications, her behavior changed. Leah began to experience depression, mood swings, nausea, and migraines. The seizures began to dwindle, but, she began to have more and more absence seizures. Leah’s school performance started to dwindle and she started to fall behind, in turn Leah repeated kindergarten twice. Even after repeating kindergarten twice, Leah was still very behind her classmates in the first grade.

In early 2016, I began to research other medical options. I noticed multiple stories about children who were benefiting from CBD oil for seizures. I began to research the medical benefits of cannabis and CBD. At this point, Leah and I had nothing to lose, so I began talking to her neurologist about the benefits of CBD oil. Surprisingly, Leah’s neurologist was completely on-board with switching her from her cocktail of multiple pharmaceuticals to only one medication, CBD.

Within a month, Leah was no longer on the pharmaceuticals, only Mary’s Remedy Oil. The convulsions, absence seizures, depression, migraines, nausea, and mood swings all slowly dissipated. The Leah that we all love so much, was making her way back to us. She learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. She participates on the pee-wee cheer leading squad. She’s been sewing and making her own fashion for her dolls. Leah is finally able to participate in activities that she never could have dreamed of before Mary’s Remedy Oil! She is also improving in school, with a little extra help from her teachers, she’s reaching milestones along with her peers. In a recent MRI scan, Leah’s left frontal mass had tremendously shrunk.

The doctors have deemed it as non-cancerous and no longer a threat. Leah is a normal, healthy, beautiful, spunky, 9-year-old. There are few things scarier than seeing your child’s lips turn blue from a lack of oxygen, or watching as your child convulses on the floor, while you’re completely helpless. I will never regret my decision to replace Leah’s pharmaceutical cocktail with Mary’s Remedy Oil. Mary’s saved Leah’s life, in more ways than one.