I just wanted to say that MARY’S NUTRITIONALS elite muscle freeze has truly changed my life. I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia-as well as degenerative disk disease. I am normally in extreme pain that completely interferes with my daily life. I do yoga every day and have done various massage therapy modalities but the benefits are always short-lived or aren’t enough. After moving to Denver a friend of mine who has a herniated disc recommended this product to me. I tried it and felt the benefits later that night. After that I hadn’t been in pain for a week which is very rare for me. Now I make sure to always have the product on hand and recommend it constantly. I only have to apply it about twice a week to live life in no pain. This is truly a miracle product and has helped me to live life with QUALITY and pain free again. Truly grateful for MARY’S NUTRITIONALS.

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  1. Wayne September 25, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    I am from Alabama, probably the saddest place in the US when it comes to the old way of thinking. We came back to Colorado to Visit family and a family Member suggested your Muscle freeze. Honestly, I am speechless at how well it worked for me. I have been suffering from Muscle, joint and Bone pain and severe Migraines for several years. I can say it works for me in ways the Prescribed Narcotics couldn’t . Not to mention who wants the Drama of those meds? No I am not pain free with it was the first time I had slept not only through the night but all night with NO pain Meds. I was good the next morning. If I knew that moving back after my Discharge from USMC to the south would’ve meant I had to loose the best years of my life due to closed minded idiots in our legislatures I would’ve toughed it out on over paying for everything to stay in Colorado.
    I only wished the product I could mail order is the same I was able to get from a Dispensary.
    Thank you for making such a great product.. Just for the record if any care, I never had a negative view of those who used Cannabis, but I never took anything I wasn’t prescribed or couldn’t buy at a liquor store. Honestly we all should be pissed for being lied to about this wonderful plant. Hold the legislatures accountable, I sure will be. Have a good day.

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