I just wanted to say that MARY’S NUTRITIONALS elite muscle freeze has truly changed my life. I have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia-as well as degenerative disk disease. I am normally in extreme pain that completely interferes with my daily life. I do yoga every day and have done various massage therapy modalities but the benefits are always short-lived or aren’t enough. After moving to Denver a friend of mine who has a herniated disc recommended this product to me. I tried it and felt the benefits later that night. After that I hadn’t been in pain for a week which is very rare for me. Now I make sure to always have the product on hand and recommend it constantly. I only have to apply it about twice a week to live life in no pain. This is truly a miracle product and has helped me to live life with QUALITY and pain free again. Truly grateful for MARY’S NUTRITIONALS.