The unscented, hypoallergenic transdermal cream is designed to provide both unparalleled spot specific and full body relief

DENVER – (June 13, 2018) – Colorado-based Mary’s Nutritionals (Mary’s) and Dr. Eric M. Westerman today announced a collaboration to bring a pharmaceutical-quality Transdermal Relief Cream infused with full spectrum activated hemp extract to market. Proprietary elements in the revolutionary formulation allow for the ingredients, including hemp extract and lidocaine, to permeate all layers of the skin for spot specific as well as systemic (full body) relief. The unscented, hypoallergenic Relief Cream is now available to consumers nationwide to purchase on

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Westerman treats patients with varying types and degrees of arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, back and neck pain and autoimmune diseases in his role as a rheumatologist at the Colorado Arthritis Center in Denver.

During Dr. Westerman’s mission to find natural, plant-based options to offer his patients, he decided to research and develop (R&D) a product of his own. He created a topical infused with hemp extract and provided samples to consenting patients with arthritis, as well as family and friends, giving them the chance to try it over the course of a few years. He reports that the majority have found relief.

“The mounting anecdotal evidence as well as preclinical trials shed light on the therapeutic power of hemp extract and I’ve seen and heard about it firsthand,” said Dr. Westerman. “I am delighted to partner with a leader in the hemp industry and a reputable brand like Mary’s to bring this product to market and make it widely available to chronic pain sufferers. Mary’s and I share a steadfast patient-first mentality and I look forward to what the future brings with this partnership.”

Retired flight attendant Nancy Poffel is plagued with rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren’s and neuropathy, and is a patient of Dr. Westerman. Poffel applies the cream to her feet, ankles, elbows and wrists. She feels that it brings relief to her ailments thus allowing her to sleep better at night.

“I was apprehensive to try the cream, but I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Westerman after all these years,” said Poffel. “I am so thankful that I did. With the unfortunate rise of opioid abuse, I am looking forward to incorporating a plant-based product for relief into my treatment regimen.”

The R&D of the Relief Cream was a collaborative project for Mary’s Chief Scientist Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D., and Dr. Westerman over the course of nine months.

“Dr. Westerman’s commitment to his patients is awe-inspiring,” said Riggle. “Being able to R&D this product alongside him has been an invaluable experience for our team. Our goal is to see how this product moves the needle toward plant-based alternatives in the medical arena.”

The Transdermal Relief Cream is now available to consumers nationwide to purchase on

About Mary’s Nutritionals:
As the developer and first distributor of the award-winning transdermal patch, Mary’s pioneering hemp-infused products set the standard for a proven alternative for relief and overall improved wellness. Mary’s utilizes the latest nutritional science to create plant-based products that nourish body, mind and spirit. More information is available at Follow Mary’s Nutritionals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. #MarysNutritionals

About Dr. Eric M. Westerman:
Dr. Eric M. Westerman graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in 1987. He completed his internship and Residency at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, Colo. He then went on to complete his rheumatology fellowship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1992. Since then, he’s been on staff at the Colorado Arthritis Center specializing in rheumatology and internal medicine. He is the vice-president of Colorado Rheumatism Society and is also a member of several foundations and societies such as the Arthritis Foundation, Lupus Foundation, Colorado Medical Society, Arapahoe County Medical Society, American College of Rheumatism Regional Advisory Committee and the American College of Rheumatology.

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