Burn-Out Topical Mist



Burn-Out Spray

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Burn-Out Spray is formulated with pure distillate from Elite Botanicals combined with aloe vera, lavender, German blue chamomile, melaleuca and other beneficial plant compounds.

Available in a 2.7oz spray bottle, Burn-Out contains 250mg of Elite Extract.

“The burn out spray is amazing! I love how fine the spray is and use it daily on my face. I am in the sun all day and it feels great when I apply it at night. Soothing and calming, the sun has nothing on this! LOVE IT.”Janet, 25

“My daughter has acne and I have been using the burn out on her face for 2 months now. I am not sure if it helps with acne, but the burn out sure seems to do the trick. Her acne has diminished substantially. She looks and feels so much better!!! Thank you Mary’s.”Lisa, 49

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 4 in