Methods Skincare Collection


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Colorado-grown hemp meets the nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea and powerful peptide complex in this new plant-focused skincare collection.

Purchase the entire Mary’s Methods Skincare Collection and save $45!


The Methods Skincare Collection includes the following:

  • PURIFY Mud Mask (2 oz)
  • BALANCE Hyaluronic Acid (1 oz)
  • BRIGHTEN Eye Cream (1 oz)
  • RENEW Face Moisturizer (1 oz)
  • RESTORE Body Serum (4 oz)

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  1. Ali Mayne

    Love all of it

  2. jeaniedepp Verified Buyer

    I am 62 yrs old. I have always had large pores, blackheads, and I have dark age spots. My daughter had bought me some other type of CBD antiaging cream. It wasn’t the best and the smell pleasant. So I started looking for others and came a crossed your site. the price wasn’t bad.
    So here I am, I purchased the Method Skin Care Collection.

    I couldn’t wait for them to come. They came very quick. I opened the box with such a surprise. Beautifully packaged. (A++)

    I immediately wanted to try them. The dead sea salt was in a plastic bag, a good thing. The oil all seeped out but I am still able to use, and does seem to help for cleansing. (B) due to packaging

    The Balance Serum is wonderful. The smell is delightful. It works immediately and lasts all day. (A++++) Wish there were more of it.

    Renew face moisturizer is a bit heavy I feel for my face but it does make your face glow and it lasts all day. The smell is wonderful just as the Serum. I have to wet my fingers and use just a tiny bit. (A+)

    The Restore Lotion keeps your skin silky and moisturized. I only wished it smelled like the Balance and Renew. I JUST LOVE THAT SMELL. But I will give you and (A) due to the smell could be better.

    The purify really helped to draw out and tighten the face. Could you put the great smell in that? (A+)

    When I put in my order I thought the picture had the Bright Eye Cream. But this didn’t come in my package. So I can’t rate that. But if you was to send it I will rate it for you.

    For people my age I feel if you could send instructions on how to use the products so we don’t have to find the magnifying glass because the print is so small. Also do you have something that specifically works for dark age spots? All in all I feel after 4 days of use the lines have lessened around the cheeks, forehead, eyes and the bridge of the nose. I am very please with your products and feel I will purchase again. Now if you could make all the products smell like the Serum and Renew I would just be in Heaven.

    Truly A happy Customer,

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