Formulated To

  • Support a healthy active lifestyle
  • Allow for customizable serving based on your pet's needs
  • Promote balance and well-being


Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract (Contains Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol, CBD), Natural Bacon Flavoring.

  1. Kirissa Weyh

    I ♡ the pet tincture for My 11 year old pitbull 🦴🐾❤ I put half a dropper full in her mouth every morning and she loves the flavor.

  2. Kate

    We used the Mary’s tincture for our dog when he was having hip problems. It kept him relaxed and happy! Love this product & would recommend to anyone!

  3. Gayle Verified Buyer

    Love how the product has helped my 11 year old lab get around.Very pleased

  4. janet hedrick

    I have a 16 yr old english cocker that was having trouble getting around and was restless. Started giving 50ml by mouth 2 times daily and he is fantastic now. takes his strolls now where before he did not want to walk around. Love this product.!

  5. Katelyn A Morris

    After my 4 year old Turkish angora kitty had a traumatizing urinary blockage in December 2020, we tried this product to see if it would help manage his stress levels. Now, every night at 9 pm, Caramel knows that it is “CBDz time!” And gets SO excited! I don’t know what I would do without this product. Thank you!! 🙏😭💜

  6. Albert Contreras

    Hemp Extract Tincture 300 mg bacon flavor 1 oz (30 mL) works very well for my dog when she needs to be calmed down due to fireworks or lightning storms or grooming time. Today I’m be side myself because the safety cap will not unscrew off the bottle holding your fine product, I ran it under a stream of warm water a couple of times but it just seems to be glue down and will not open. I’m a stong guy so when I say it stuck I mean I may break the bottle if I use more force.
    I have only used this bottle a couple of times so it is almost full still. Very frustrated since we have come to rely on this product when our dog needs help to be calm.

  7. Kate

    My 12-year-old Chihuahua mix spent almost an entire year wearing the cone of shame because she just would NOT stop licking her foot, causing lick granulomas. I finally tried Mary’s Tails tincture. She licking stopped almost immediately. I am now on my second bottle and am so grateful for this product. I only wish I had tried it sooner. Dispensing is easy because she loves the taste and lets me drop it straight onto her tongue!

  8. Ryan Schwartz

    Just bought this product for my 2 yr old male australian sheppard. He has 2/3 seizures a day and this was after being a year n a few months old. He is on 125mg phenobarbital 2times a day. He still has 3/6 seizures a month. Since administration off this brands 30g bacon flavor cbd. The past month… Only 1 minor seizure. He is much calmer as well. My sheppard is very very high strung and unable to chillax n just sit still. This product is amazing!!!! For anyone reading this and is skeptical of this product… Throw that thought out the window and try this product. I have NO AFFILIATION WITH THIS COMPANY , NO PAY, COMMISSION OR ENDORSEMENTS!!! i recommend this product to anyone whos situation is similar to mine. And thank you to the people who produced this product. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ my dog thanks u 2. 🐩❤

  9. Barbara Neal

    I love the product but I can’t get the bottle open after 3 uses. My dog has allergies and this helps him calm down and breathe regularly and relax.

  10. Michele Hood Verified Buyer

    Have been using the tincture for about six months and have noticed a huge improvement in mobility in my 11 year old 65lb dog. Unfortunately, the 900 mg is no longer being made so I am having to use the 300 mg and going through the bottle in a few weeks. Will likely look for another brand that carries a higher dose.

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