“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates

At Mary’s, we believe that the best path to a full and active life starts with an open mind. While our bodies have a natural tendency to repair and restore, there are opportunities to be more proactive in building wellness into your daily routine. For busy people looking to incorporate relief and relaxation into their lives, alternatives exist – and we are leading the way.

A Tradition Less Ordinary

Grounded in cutting-edge science and rooted in century-old medicinal knowledge, Mary’s products bring together the best of modern technology with natural components to offer safe and effective pain relief and proactive support. Simply put, we are transforming how people view and utilize hemp by developing products that maximize the benefits of natural plant nutrients.

Science + Nature

Pulling together a team of physicians, chemists, botanists, and nutritionists, Mary’s has created an unrivaled line of products enriched with full spectrum hemp extract & other plant nutrients designed to provide an effective and natural alternative for health and wellness. Every batch of product is sourced from U.S. growers and laboratory tested for quality, accuracy, and consistency.

Customers First

Building our national reputation as a trustworthy leader in producing high-quality and effective hemp-derived products requires unparalleled commitment and passion. Customer needs and inspiring patient testimonials drive new product development as part of our ultimate mission to offer products that change people’s lives.

Defining an Industry

We’re not just part of the hemp industry, we are creating it. As the developer and exclusive distributor of the award-winning Transdermal Patch, Mary’s pioneering products set the standard for proven alternatives for chronic pain management and overall wellness.

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Customer Testimonials

“I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and fibromyalgia – super painful diseases. A friend referred me to your products. I use the Elite gel pen and The Remedy Oil every day. I also rub The Compound to whatever area needs it (neck, hips, etc.). One month later – I feel amazing. I sleep soundly, I wake up pain-free and can stand straight up without wincing. I just simply don’t have the daily extreme pain I’ve had in the past. You have improved the quality of my life and my outlook on life too. These two diseases can be devastating to your psyche. I’m finally having some hope again. Thank you!! My Rheumatologist said I could even be in remission soon! I’ve referred so many family and friends to you as well. Thank you again!”


“My mom has had shingles on her hip for 5 years. She is 78 and suffers daily from the pain. She has not been able to drive or sit straight up. We have tried acupuncture and many other things. About a month ago she went back to her doctor to ask for help, he told her to double up on the pharmaceuticals she is prescribed. At this point, me and my siblings had it. The Remedy Oil was recommended to us. I am happy to tell you that after day 2 of The Remedy Oil and my mother has little to no pain tonight! Expecting tomorrow to be better!”


” Mary’s Remedy Oil has given me back my life. I was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease between C5, C6, C7, and L5 as well as fibromyalgia, an anxiety condition, and on top of all this, insomnia. I was on so many pharmaceuticals. I’m not a 100% yet and maybe I won’t be, but at least the pain is gone. What a difference from when I was taking RX pain meds that did nothing to help. I’ve only been taking this a week and a half and I’m telling you this stuff works.”


“I’ve used Mary’s Elites Patches for 4 months now for the super extreme pain of Costochondritis (more commonly known as Costo). Although, last night I wasn’t in pain so I  didn’t apply a patch upon retiring. Wow, what a bad decision that was! Extreme pain can dull the thinking process, so it took me a couple of hours of doubled over pain to remember that I hadn’t applied a patch. Applied a patch and the extreme pain subsided in minutes. I really don’t know what I’d do without access to this product. Thanks, Mary ‘s for developing the Elite Patch.”