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How to Find the Right Delivery Method for Your Lifestyle

By: Marys Nutritionals Admin |

Mary’s is transforming how people view and utilize hemp by developing products that maximize the benefits of natural plant nutrients and ultimately offer reliable and effective relief.

To make trying cannabinoid therapy out easier, we offer several delivery methods such as transdermals, topicals and consumables. Our transdermal products are designed to provide full body mental and physical relief. Our topical products are designed for localized relief for skin and body. Consumables are designed to be taken daily as an addition to a daily wellness routine.

Our go-to wellness advice: Incorporate daily proactive cannabinoid therapy for optimum wellness now! We truly believe in this concept. It’s a few drops of The Remedy in the morning, the Muscle Freeze after you work out, a Bath Bomb at nighttime and finally a Patch while you sleep. We believe in feeding the receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system with cannabinoids like CBD to support and maintain homeostasis.

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