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How to Get The Most from Mary: Transdermal Gel Pen

By: Marys Nutritionals Admin |

One of the fastest-acting, accurately-dosed full-spectrum hemp extract infused products available, our patented Transdermal Gel Pen has been reported to be a wonderful accompaniment to the Transdermal Patch or on its own for fast-acting relief.

How is the Transdermal Gel Pen different from a topical product? Our transdermal products are delivered directly to the bloodstream, avoiding first-pass metabolism by the liver and breakdown by stomach acids. The bioavailability of transdermal delivery is approximately tenfold over anything else on the market.

The Transdermal Gel Pen contains 50 (2mg CBD) doses and each dose lasts between 4-6 hours.

How to apply:

  • Twist end of pen counterclockwise to unlock, remove cap and depress end of pen to dispense a 2mg CBD dose.
  • Twist the end of pen clockwise to re-lock.
  • Please be sure that skin is clean before application to a venous area of the body such as the inner wrist, top of foot or back of knee.




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