Muscle Freeze

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Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol
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This plant-based topical cream is infused with full-spectrum hemp extract containing naturally occurring CBD, wholesome mango butter and cooling menthol to create an exhilarating experience when applied to the skin.


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Muscle Freeze 3.25 oz

Muscle Freeze 1.5 oz



Canola Oil, Octyl Palmitate, Tribehenin, Candelilla Wax, Copernicia Cerifera Wax, White Beeswax, Apricot Oil, Sesame Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Laureth-3-Dimethicone, Tocopherol, Hypoallergenic Fragrance, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Mango Butter, Beeswax, Emulsifying Wax, Menthol, Isopropyl Myristate, Camphor, Plantamulse, Optiphen, Marjoram, Full-Spectrum Activated Hemp Extract, Xanthan Gum.

Suggested use

Apply generously over affected area and sore muscles every 2-4 hours as needed. Do not use on broken skin or open wounds.

  1. Chris McCullough

    This stuff is amazing. Can’t say enough good things about this stuff.

  2. teri johnston

    GREAT GRREAT STUFF…it takes effect immediately before you’re even done rubbing it in!

  3. Valerie Willette

    I have been using this for 2 years and have recommended it to several friends who can’t live without it! all I can say This cream is Amazing! I feel lucky to have discovered it!

  4. Candace

    I can’t believe the difference already after just a few hours.

  5. BJ Mitchell

    This product gives me excellent short-term relief from my back & muscle spasms.

  6. Patricia Verified Buyer

    Best relief.

  7. Chrystal

    Amazeballs! This works!


    Good stuff. It really works!


    Good results after only a few days of use. Really works!

  10. Bernadine Smith Verified Buyer

    Wonderful! I am 84 years old . THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT

  11. Kristin

    It is amazing!! Best stuff I’ve tried in a long time. It’s more of a warming gel than typical cooling products like Biofreeze or IcyHot. I highly recommend this product.

  12. Doreen Meier

    I use it for severe muscle cramps and get instant relief. Have just started using it for my knees.

  13. Beverly Palmer Verified Buyer

    This product works better and spreads easier than the Elite Compound I’ve been using for years. I highly recommend it.

  14. Patricia Hegwood Verified Buyer

    This is the best product I have found…almost instant is truly amazing.

  15. Nancy Hollingshead

    I use this on my back at night and it really helps me sleep.


    Excellent product. It works

  17. Jay Hardesty

    The applicator dispenses very little at a time. Must be squeezed and shaken to get any product out.

  18. Jeff

    Works fast long lasting

  19. Jim Williams Verified Buyer

    Works great

  20. Michelle

    I have used Mary’s cbd lotion for the past 2 years

  21. Michelle

    I love Mary’s lotion

  22. Mary Lou

    I wish it came in a giant tub because I use so much of it. I had previously used BioFreeze, but it doesn’t provide the long term effects I need. I tell everyone I know about the Muscle Freeze. Thanks for such a great product!

  23. Annette

    This is GREAT

  24. Annette

    I love this. I’ve tried quite a few lotions, this one’s by far the best one that’s out there.

  25. Christine Lucero

    Love it

  26. Dorothy Sundell Verified Buyer

    I was given this product about four years ago and it is the best thing I’ve ever used

  27. curtanddottie Verified Buyer

    I was given this product about four years ago and it is the best thing I’ve ever used

  28. Lexie Verified Buyer

    Works well, for hours, on my knees

  29. Martha

    Great product

  30. marthacostello

    Great product

  31. Joanandreozzi Verified Buyer

    I love this!!!!!

  32. Carol kravitz

    Great relief for muscles in about 29 minutes

  33. Sandra Horvath

    5 star

  34. Sandra Horvath


  35. Sandra Horvath


  36. R. Johnson

    I have been using the muscle freeze for 8 months. I must say it has been effective so far. The thing that is not effective is the pump on the 32 oz. jar. The product is so thick the pump clogs. I now use a flat stick and squeeze the jar. If Mary’s can come up with a more efficient method of getting the product out of the container, I would change my rating.

  37. Aubrey Moore

    Heard about product from friend, trying it for myself

  38. MYRON COOPER Verified Buyer

    This product works really good. Fast results.

  39. Carolyn R Herring

    I’ve Been Using Mary’s Muscle Freeze For 3 Years….Then My Dispensary Changed & They Don’t Sell It Anymore😳🤔So I’m Grateful U Can Order Online….MARY’S MUSCLE FREEZE IS THE BEST!!!!💯💯

  40. John Taylor

    I bought the 3.25 oz bottle of Mary’s Muscle Freeze about a year ago from a local CDB shop and I was skeptical at first, but I have been extremely happy with the results.

    When my wife said that one of her fellow elementary school teacher was complaining about some neck and shoulder issues, I had her take my bottle to school so she could try it. It got passed around the school that day and four other teachers tried it and ordered their own bottles that day.

    This is really a good product.

  41. Ann

    This product (muscle freeze) has altered how I feel about life after one time use. Just to be able to stand again with out any issues is worth every extra penny I was over charged in the store. I will be ordering online in the future. Thank you Mary’s. You are the truth.

  42. James Thielman

    A friend told me about this. I tried it and it’s the best thing I’ve found for sore muscles. My left (watch wearing) wrist often is sore and was hurting today–this really helped very quickly–I did add a little Biofreeze roll on stuff on top–but the Muscle Freeze is doing the major work.

  43. breecie O’Neal Verified Buyer

    This product is by far the most effective for me and my family. We have tried several products both CBD infused and non-cbd. I use it with my arthritis and general lupus ailments and my daughter uses it for issues associated with being a ballerina. My husband also uses it after working his very physical job. This company provides an outstanding product at an amazing price. I highly recommend it to anyone!

  44. Ellen Lima

    The muscle freeze was given to me for a Christmas present. It is the best product I’ve used. Only a small amount massaged into the affected area, works quickly and lasts for hours. I highly recommend this product. I wish I could give it 10 stars.

  45. Jeremiah

    Falling in love with this as we speak.

  46. Beth Cutler

    So grateful I can order this online! Found while traveling in California and live this for aches!!

  47. Abby

    I have had my muscle freeze for quite a while now and I love it! It lasts a long time plus instantly relieves muscles aches. I have no cartilage in my knees and it helps the best out of any product I use!

  48. Denise

    Such a great product. Works right away. I was skeptical because I had never used a cbd product before but this is terrific!

  49. Robert Ross

    I used the muscle freeze on my knees and it works really well. I remember about 25 years ago an orthopedic surgeon told me I had arthritis in my knees and loose cartilage. My knees would stiffen up and throb sometimes, at 63 years young my knees feel like I’m 25 years old . I can walk 4 miles in one hour with no residual aching. Buy the muscle freeze don’t wait and think about it. Just do it!!!!!

  50. Deborrah

    This Product Saved Me
    I’d sprained my knee (probably more damage but who knows) back in January. I’ve been limping ever since. I put it on my knee and went to sleep. I showered and put it on again. I was able to walk around, go up stairs, and stand at my workstation for almost an hour – things I’d not been able to do for many months. I worked as a personal trainer for 18 years and have always been physically active. Thank you for making this. I’ve also bought the rub-on salve which I will be trying tonight.

  51. Debbi Rosales Verified Buyer

    Muscle freeze is the bomb 🤗❤ just love this stuff.

  52. Caro

    Wow. This stuff is amazing.

  53. Perkins Catherine

    Mary’s Muscle Freeze. The infused topical combines CBD and other whole-plant nutrients to provide quick relief and a soothing, cooling effect.

  54. Ellen L

    Mary’s muscle freeze has given me my life back. Severe arthritis in my hands and bilateral knee replacements were limiting all my daily activities. The ointment (applied lightly & sparingly) works quickly and lasts for many hours.

  55. Aileen Colon Verified Buyer

    Excellent product that truly provides me with hip issue relief.

  56. Donna Webster Verified Buyer

    When it was light brown in color, it absorbed into my skin so much better and had better effect. Now that it is white it is not nearly as effective. I know this for sure, because my last shipment came with a sample of the old formulation. I didn’t know until I opened it. I rubbed it on and nearly cried that they changed it. WHY?!?

  57. Marlo Herbick

    I’ve had a tendon issue in my foot for months, refused to heal. Hurt it again today and came across my husbands go to, this cream. OMG!! Buying it now for myself. Can’t believe this isn’t sold everywhere!!!

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