Remedy Tincture

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Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol
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Our best-selling, concentrated tincture comes with 500mg of CBD per bottle and offers an easy addition of CBD to your daily wellness routine. With Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with Naturally Occurring Cannabidiol, nutrient-dense sweet almond oil, myrrh and the warmth of cinnamon oil, this soothing blend helps provide overall balance. The Remedy Tincture packs 250 servings into just a half-ounce bottle, and each drop contains approximately 2mg per serving.



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Formulated To Help

  • Support a proactive wellness routine
  • Mary’s proprietary recipe
  • Easily tailor use for your needs


Safflower Oil, Full-Spectrum Activated Hemp Extract, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Myrrh,

Suggested use

Begin with one drop under the tongue daily. Increase number of drops as needed to fit your wellness routine.

  1. Rhonda Thornhill

    Love this tincture as taste is great and also helps!

  2. Kelleyjessie Verified Buyer

    I like the taste and it’s only two drops vs two entire droppers full like other products. I bought the sample pack to refill the tincture and carry in my purse.

  3. Anna

    Just purchased my first “The Remedy” so far I am impressed!!

  4. Andy

    I have been using this for 2 weeks now. I love the taste. I take about 3 drops daily now.

  5. William

    Product is good. Push and twist is more than difficult. Please come up with a better, easier way to open the bottle.
    For $60 I shouldn’t have to go to my local Co-Op and buy a dropper bottle that is easy to open, and then pour the Remedy Tincture into it!

  6. Alicia White Verified Buyer

    Great product, has a cinnamon taste. Shipping is quick. Well packaged for safe delivery

  7. Carolyn

    I’ve been using this product for 4 months now. Within 3 days I felt relief. I have muscle discomfort from Sjogrenes Syndrome as well as arthritis in my knees. I can now go on my 2 mile walk again and am feeling 95%!!!!

  8. tracyjhipp Verified Buyer

    I’ve been using the remedy tincture for almost 2 months now and couldn’t be more pleased or impressed. I started with the suggested serving and have worked up to 3 drops in the am, and again in the pm, this seems to work perfectly for me. I highly recommend trying the remedy tincture and taking the time to figure out the right amount for you!

  9. Vanessa King

    amazing product. Thank you.

  10. RACHELLE RUGGIERO Verified Buyer

    I just finished my first bottle and I am ordering another one right now. I have recommend to several of my friends

  11. Joyce Jones

    Tried and got good results.

  12. Susan Taylor Verified Buyer

    I’m not really sure what I have. Nothing on the bottle says cbd on it, yet the desciription says cbd. Clarification needed.

  13. Jackie Verified Buyer

    Just started taking this product for a few things. I started with ten drops and I’m hoping this will work for me. I can’t give a rating because just starting this product.

  14. Steve Garcia Verified Buyer

    This stuff is awesome. We started giving it to my son who was having seizures. Very satisfied with this stuff and appreciate what y’all do.

  15. CINTHIA FYDRYCH Verified Buyer

    I love the remedy that’s the only tincture that works for me and I’ve tried a lot believe me, I love it 🥰

  16. Noah Farrer

    You can tell from the very first time you open the bottle that your in for a different experience. The quality of the oil is so drastic.


    This tincture is amazing! I’ve been using it to with relief after knee replacement surgery.

  18. alyssa trevino

    All of Mary’s products are AMAZING! I take this at night and it helps me sleep like a baby!

  19. Beth Robertson

    I have a bottle of Remedy that I bought in February 2020. I noticed on the bottom of the bottle what appears to be MN followed by 6 or 7 numbers and underneath that is a date of 01/11/19. I would like to know if this product is expired or is this the “made on” date?

  20. Jordie Verified Buyer

    Use this in combination with imitrex when I have a migraine – and it makes a huge difference in the level. So grateful for Mary’s!

  21. Jason

    this is the only product that has worked. So happy to have found it!

  22. Amy B.

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of edginess the past few days. I tried a little bit for the first time and within minutes, I felt a big change. I am really pleasantly surprised and will definitely will be talking about this with others!

  23. Alexander Acuña Corrales

    Compré el producto para mi Madre. Ella no podía moverse y su estado era muy mal. poco a poco conforme fue tomando las gotas su vida cambio. Se podría mover , empezó a caminar bien y a salir de la casa. lo recomiendo

  24. Sally Duroure Verified Buyer

    I cannot believe that three little drops can do so much for me.

  25. Bonnie Agol Verified Buyer

    This tincture works amazingly! If you haven’t tried it yet you should. Thank you for this product.

  26. Mary Adragna

    I have been using this product for about a year. I have advanced MS with severe spasticity. It sure calms the spasms and helps me feel calmer. I also sleep more relaxed and my sleep is deeper. I recommend it.

  27. Barb

    have you got a bottle that is larger then the 12.5 mg

  28. Krista Verified Buyer

    When you live in a state where medical and/or recreational marijuana is not approved, this is the best you will get. By far, I like the Mary’s Medicinals CBD/CBN much, much better for my sleep problems. I just wish I could get it on a regular basis.

  29. Monique Morris

    I was using this tincture when they originally were using almond oil. And did miracles for me but unfortunately they switched to a more toxic oil, safflower oil which is a huge inflammatory for me. I was so bummed that my miracle oil find became a toxic one

  30. Fell Cheston Verified Buyer

    I have been using Mary’s for about 5 years. Absolutely swear by it. I take it around 3-5 in the afternoon. I still sleep well, even taking it that early. It is a remarkable product and I am so glad I found it. I have told quite a few friends about it who all agree! Thank you, Mary’s!

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